The dollar will buy everything myself

The president becomes good when you get used to his shortcomings

End of November. Before the presidential elections in the United States, less time is needed, you need to take stock of your activities as head of state and form an election program. Despite all the mistakes and failures, it is not so difficult to appear before the American electorate in a positive way, because a good person becomes after you get used to his shortcomings. Even though the GDP could not accelerate to 3%, the narrowing of the trade deficit is squeaking, and the Fed is snarling more and more often in response to criticism from the White House owner, we must admit that Trump cut his wings to China. The Middle Kingdom is unlikely to be able to overtake the States in the coming years, as previously assumed. Although Donald missed the shooting range, no one stopped him from taking the bear…

Prior to the outbreak of the trade war, Beijing had a clear advantage over Washington in the supply of its products to other states. The size of its exports to 174 countries was more than American. The United States had such a list of 51 powers. In 2019, it expanded by 8 positions, including France and Austria, and Chinese – by only 3 (Bhutan, Luxembourg, and Venezuela). If in the spring of 2018, Trump, who introduced import duties, was presented as a person who is not all right with his head, now they are no longer talking about his stupidity.

Even if he is frankly mistaken

The president requires the Fed to lower rates below zero, arguing that this will allow the States to compete with Europe and Japan, but the central bank makes it very clear that it is not going to do this. Even in the minutes of the October FOMC meeting, there was a place for this issue. Negative rates will bring more harm to the American economy than joy. Their use is impractical even in times of financial crisis. By the end of Trump’s first term in power, the Federal Reserve decided to sober him up so that the person wouldn’t think, like in psychiatry, that the one who had put on the first coat was the doctor.

It would seem that after meeting with Jerome Powell in the White House, the president should have reconsidered his views. Reviewed. I liked everything again. Again, criticism of the Fed’s interest rates and threats against China about a significant increase in tariffs in the event that Beijing does not sign a trade agreement. Looking at all this, you understand that weaning is not difficult to wean. Stop cursing to think – this is the problem. Does it matter that the trade war slows down not only the world but also the American economy and reduces the chances of re-electing the person who started it for a second term? Trump, after all, taught that of two evils he chooses one that he had not tried before …

On the other hand, how boring it would be in financial markets without the current head of the White House! Without his twitter and public speaking! Politicians – they are like children – if they are not heard, then they have done something! The presidential election will be the main event at Forex in 2020, but now the New Year is on the nose and I want to make a wish. Dear Santa Claus! I have been good all year. Well, almost all year. Well sometimes. Well, a couple of times I definitely was… Oh, come on, I’ll buy everything myself.

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